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By Bob Oliver

Middletown Country Club

Middletown is a compact 80 acres of challenging golf, with rolling hills and large specimen trees that have watched many golfers travel its fairways over time. It has retained its old time feel with tees and greens in close proximity, allowing golfers to walk the course if they choose.

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23 Nov

Giving Thanks in Strange Year

Written by Bob Oliver


Years from now, when vaccines are abundant and people have jobs and kids are in school, we will think back at 2020 and think that we made the best of a bad situation..


Sure, home schooling became prevalent, and working from home meant, well, not working at the office.


For golfers, "working from home" can mean carving out time to get in a quick nine when nobody was watching.  Hence Bucks County clubs had record names on their tee sheets.  The same could be said for other areas of the country, including southern California, Maryland and New Jersey.


Yes, COVID-19 became a curse word, but somehow the golf industry weathers the storm.  Every area, every state, was different. One day we visited Delaware and played legally, the next day we were breaking the law.  Quarantines were taken or ignored, but so far so good.


With this as preamble, pondering the year, there are some things to be thankful for.


1. For the most part, golf was played throughout the year using government guidelines.  It has been the sixth consecutive year where we're been lucky to book more than 100 regulation rounds.  Along the way played 24 new courses. 


2. Travel was severely curtailed, but a couple trips were found in the mix.  One week in Mesquite saw several new courses played, including the fun and challenging Conestoday. Another trip to southern Virginia allowed a challenge at the reopened Mike Stranz Royal New Kent. 


3. Using a new driver, a Ping 410, I've managed to hit more than 85% of fairways played.  That's significantly above my historic average.  Fact is, it is fun playing from the fairway!


4. On the downside, I'm hitting the ball shorter as age and a lack of flexibility has set in.  The reality, though, is I've moved up to the senior tees and having a whole lot more fun.   Not scoring great yet, but fun.


5. Found that I just love, really love my Squarz golf shoes.  Wow.  What can I say. I never through of golf shoes as being a critical part of my golf game but after sampling Squarz I surely can say they are critical to stability and distance.  Very thankful.


6. It's not golf, but very thankful to for opening up micro shares in Authentic.  Who knew when I bought into the partnership the wonderful son of Into Mischief would claim the Kentucky Derby and then the Breeders Cup Classic.  He might even be named Horse of Year.  Euphoricly thankful.


7. Had some great rounds this year.  Other terrible. A perfect day at Stonewall in Bulltown saw putt after putt go in on way to a 75, while a chip in eagle at Stoneleigh led to a 78.  Not bad for a thankful old guy. 


8. Thankful that Mother Nature led to more golf days without freezing!  Golf was played every month of the year, aided by an early January Golfweek trip to the Palm Spring area. 


9. Very thankful to Tour Edge Golf for allowing me to play their Hot Launch series of wonderful irons.  Easy to hit, great feel, and a delight all around.  


10; THankful for the outstanding customer service and conditions found at the portfolio of Ron Jaworski Golf. Great people who care about golfers. 


Look, it has been a hell of a crappy year, but when you break things down there are lots of things to be thankful for, including health, friends, family and golf.  And there is still a month remaining in the year.

02 Nov

Tour Edge "Hot Launch" smooth

Written by Bob Oliver


Tour Edge has long been an American manufacturer of playable, fun golf clubs. 


Current marketing uses tag line of "get fit, spend less and play better." That says it all!


Tour Edge uses top engineering and weds with top materials and foresight to develop golf clubs that perform while not breaking the bank.


My Hot Launch C521 clubs are well balanced, easy to swing, and the proof is in the results. The clubs, from wedge to six iton as well as a hybrid four and five iron making playing fun again.


The HL 4 driver is, well,a major addition to the long-ball arsenal, as it has a masterful feel and helps generate clubhead speed, sending accurate shots booming down the fairway.


The driver looks a little different, by design.


"I developed an all new shape for the HL4 drivers that is different from anything I've ever designed," admits Tour Edge president and master club designer David Glod. "The end result is upgraded power with amazing feel and forgiveness."


The forged four piece titanium head features a deep, sloped crown and that cup faced design works in conjunction with variable face thickness technology to provide maximum power from throughout the hitting area of the face. THere is enhanced rear sole weight as well, allowing high flying tee balls that find fairways and set up birdie opportunities. 


Helped by a rear power channel when all is combined there is a boomer in one's hands. 


Tour Edge has the product that will help your game, and it backs that product with a stellar warranty program. Clubs are available in various flexes for men and women, and the company offers quick nationwide delivery. 


One won't see countless ads on golf telecasts, but don't let that fool you. Quality is high, the clubs perform, and are just great looking. Check out for all the latest in great technology.